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Incoming Chair-Elect of Provost's Teaching Fellows

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Dr. Toste has been a Provost's Teaching Fellow (PTF) since spring 2018, and her work on Project STAMP has been conducted with the support of the PTF Program. She is honored to serve as the incoming Chair-Elect of the PTF Steering Committee!

Learn more about the PTF Program and faculty learning communities in Episode 1 of The Other Side of Campus podcast, also spearheaded by Fellows! The Fellows are hard-working, forward-thinking, community-minded faculty committed to improving teaching practice and campus culture at UT Austin. The current cohort of 43 Fellows represents faculty of all rank, 13 Colleges and Schools, and a multiplicity of disciplines and unique perspectives. At present, 25 Teaching Fellows pursue individual initiatives, 18 Senior Fellows provide mentorship and guidance, and 11 Alumni Fellows remain active in the program. Collectively, Fellows lead events that benefit the entire campus.


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