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Introducing Word Connections

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

We are thrilled to share our research-based multisyllabic word reading intervention program: Word Connections! This 40-lesson program has been redesigned and packaged for ease of implementation. The teacher manual and all program materials are now available for download.

On the Word Connections page, you can find a program overview, summary of evidence for effectiveness, and a link to download the program materials. The Teacher Manual provides details about lesson components, instructional scope and sequence, organization of materials, and instructional scripts for 40 lessons. The Student Materials PDF includes all other materials (e.g., cards, lists) needed for the lessons.

Word reading shouldn't be the sole focus of any intervention, but it is critical that students receive explicit, targeted instruction & opportunities for practice. We hope Word Connections can be one tool to support delivery of that instruction!


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