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Publication Alert: The Reading League Journal

Dr. Toste and Dr. Esther Lindström wrote this article for The Reading League Journal (TRLJ) about special education reading research. This article is part of a special series, organized by Dr. Emily Solari (TRLJ Editor-in-Chief), focused on multidisciplinary contributions to the science of reading. This article provides a brief overview of the history of special education research to provide context for the field’s focus on scientific inquiry and problem-solving to understand the effectiveness of instructional methods. Drs. Toste and Lindström then discuss two unique contributions to reading science from special education research: (1) explicit instruction, and (2) progress monitoring to drive data-based instruction.

You can view the September/October 2022 issue on TRLJ website, and are able to access Dr. Toste's preprint of this article on EdArXiv.


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