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Project EXPERT

Teacher Expertise in Data-Based

Decision-Making for Reading Intervention

This research is funded by the U.S. Department

of Education, Institute of Education Sciences

(Award #R324A190126)

Principal Investigator: Jessica Toste

Other Investigators: Nathan Clemens, Greg Roberts

Project Coordinator: Dave Furjanic

Through this four-year project, we aim to better understand the mechanisms to support teachers’ data-based decision-making (DBDM) to improve outcomes for upper-elementary students with reading difficulties and disabilities (including dyslexia).


We develop and test the EXPERT Program. EXPERT will be built on several characteristics shown to be important in improving teachers’ use of curriculum-based measurement (CBM) progress data for guiding instruction: teachers’ content knowledge and self-efficacy; decision rules for evaluating data and linking assessment to instructional changes; self-monitoring of DBDM using the EXPERT Monitoring Tool (web tool); and fostering collaboration among special and general education teachers.

See featured story from UT Austin College of Education.

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