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GoKAR! Project

GoKAR! Educational Program: Teaching Anti-Racism to Preschoolers at Home

This research is supported by APX Flash Funding,

UT Austin Office of the Vice President for Research

Principal Investigators: Jessica Toste, Huriya Jabbar, Kathrynn Pounders

GoKAR! Recruitment Flyer.png

This grant was awarded to Dr. Jessica Toste from the Department of Special Education, Dr. Huriya Jabbar from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, and Dr. Kathrynn Pounders, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations to envision new research directions in diverse fields. We seek to better understand how preschool-aged children learn about anti-Black racism. In this project, we aim to develop and test the potential of an educational program, GoKAR! (Kids Against Racism). Through a series of team-developed children's videos and discussion guides, caregivers are provided with opportunities to engage in dialogue with their children in the home setting.


Our research team is currently recruiting caregiver-child dyads in the United States for this research study. You can sign-up here to participate.

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